Austin’s Numerous Hearing Centers

Q.  I am researching hearing aids for my South Austin parents.  They are both having trouble hearing well.  Can you recommend some easy to understand resources to help me learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids?   A.  If you are unfamiliar with hearing aids and hearing centers, the search for good, easy to […]

Second Opinions Are Helpful

Q.  I am testing out a pair of new hearing aids.  The office has tried to adjust them a few times, but the aids do not sound good.  Does this mean hearing aids are not going to be helpful for me?   A.  Do not give up on hearing aids even though your current experience […]

Lost Keys vs Flossed Teeth

Q.  I have been mis-hearing my friends more and more the past few years.  Last week at lunch I thought a friend wanted to talk about how she flossed her teeth, but she was trying to tell me how she had lost her keys.  Would hearing aids stop this from happening?   A.  If you […]

The Long Center show with poor dialogue.

Q.  I have served as an usher at the Long Center and other Austin venues off and on for almost 15 years.  The dialogue during the events has become harder and harder to understand in recent years.  Do I need hearing aids to hear more clearly?   A.  If you wore good, properly programmed hearing […]

Grandma’s Missing Grandkids’ Voice

Q.  My Grandma knows when I’m trying to talk with her, but she asks me to repeat things a lot.  Would she hear me better if she had some hearing aids?   A.  If your Grandma has some hearing loss, she would likely hear you more easily and more clearly if she had some good […]

Automatic vs. Manual Adjustments

Q.  When I bought hearing aids 5 years ago, my hearing center said I did not need to make any adjustments because the aids adjusted automatically in different environments.  Last month I bought new hearing aids somewhere else.  They gave me three different listening programs and volume control to make some adjustments myself.  What’s the […]

Hearing One Step at a Time

Q.  My hearing began to go in my late 40’s.  I’ll be 60 next year and am keenly aware of how my behavior and communication with people has changed over the years.  Still, wearing hearing aids worries me.  What steps can I take before I have to get hearing aids?   A.  It sounds as […]

The Cost of Not Hearing Well

Q.  My Mom cared for my Dad the past 10 years.  Her hearing declined throughout that time.  Now she is uncertain about making a hearing test appointment.  What are the hazards if she chooses not to address her hearing loss?   A.  After caring for your Dad for 10 years, your Mom might think of […]

Active Hearing Aid User

Q.  I am 76 and stay fairly active.  My hearing has been less than ideal for a number of years.  How well would hearing aids handle bridge games, a bowling league, shows at the Long Center, Zach Scott Theater, swimming at Barton Springs and working in the yard?   A.  Newer hearings aids are very […]

Detect – Differentiate – Decipher

Q.  Why can’t I hear the TV better, even when it is turned up almost all the way?  This is driving me and my family crazy.  A.  With most types of hearing loss the level of volume can seem okay, but words sound unclear.  Most hearing loss makes it harder to detect high pitched and […]