Unsure about Hearing Aids

Q.  I am finally ready to do something about my hearing loss, but I am unsure about hearing aids.  They seem to work for some people and not work for others.  How can I avoid throwing money away to find out if they will work for me? A.  Many hearing aid centers in the greater […]

Resolutions for Better Hearing

Q.  My husband wants me to make a resolution to hear better in 2020.  It feels like if people spoke more clearly, I wouldn’t have any trouble.  What steps should I consider if people actually are speaking clearly, but I am simply not hearing them well enough? A.  There are three main steps you can […]

Use for Gently Used Hearing Aids

Q.  I purchased my second pair of hearing aids last month.  They work very well and I’m keeping them.  What can I do with my 4-year old hearing aids?   A.  Your 4-year old hearing aids can serve a few uses.    If they work properly, you might choose to hold on to them as […]

Hearing during the holidays

Q.  When I go to holiday parties and spend Christmas with my family, I have a much harder time hearing, even with my hearing aids on.  What can I do to make my hearing aids work better?   A.  Hearing in a noisy environment is more challenging than a quiet environment, even for people with […]

Getting used to hearing aids.

Q.  How long does it take to get used to hearing aids?   A.  A generation ago, this question referred to the strange sounds and physical discomfort that often accompanied wearing hearing aids.  Today, this question refers more to handling very small hearing aids and learning how and when to use all their features.   […]

Holiday Frustration With Bad Hearing

Q.  When our large family gather in South Austin during the holidays and most Sundays, we all experience a lot of frustration because my parents cannot hear us well at all.  Should they get hearing aids to hear us better?   A.  When you were growing up, your parents probably had days when they felt […]

Try, try again with Hearing Aids

Q.  I got some hearing aids through a magazine ad about three or four years ago.  They made sounds louder, but they did not make voices that much clearer.  Have there been noticeable improvements in hearing aids since then?   A.  Improvements are made to hearing aid technology year in and year out.  Rather than […]

Whataburger Coffee Club

Q.  A group of my friends and I call ourselves the Whataburger Coffee Club.  We have met there two or three mornings a week for good coffee and some so-so conversation for at least 20 years.  In the past 2-3 years I have struggled to keep up with what’s being said and find myself not […]

Learning how to handle hearing aids.

Q.  I tried some hearing aids last month and could hear much better, but I could not figure out how to easily put them on.  In my frustration, I returned them.  Are some hearing aids easier to put on than others?   A.  Broadly, there are two styles of hearing aids.  Some hearing aids are […]

A Hearing Test has no Quid Pro Quo

Q.  I have put off getting a hearing test because I do not feel ready to use hearing aids.  When will I know it is time to get a hearing test and start using hearing aids?   A.  When you get a hearing test, there is no quid pro quo involved.  This means, just because […]