Hearing Health Blog

How do I know?

Q:  How do I know if I need hearing aids?   A: To re-phrase your question, “How will you know if hearing aids can help you?”  To know for certain, you need to wear them.    Before you wear them, you need to have your ears checked for injury or a blockage from wax.  Once […]

To swab or not to swab?

  Q:  How do you recommend removing wax from one’s ears?   A: A cotton swab used in a delicate, gentle manner is a healthy way for most people to clean their ears. After a bath or shower, a swab can help remove suds, dead skin and ear wax from around the outer ear and […]

These are not your grandparents hearing aids!

Q: What recent developments have been made in hearing aid technology?   A: Today’s hearing aids are really high-tech “systems.” They use a multitude of performance platforms to enhance a person’s hearing experience. High-speed processors use sophisticated acoustic software that can be wirelessly adjusted during a fitting appointment. In the most advanced systems, the right […]

Unwanted ringing hits raw nerves.

Q:  I have heard a low-level ringing in my ears for years.  What is it and why is it getting louder?   A:  The ringing you hear is called tinnitus.  If you have heard the ringing for years, it is most likely caused by an errant signal to your brain from your ear’s cochlea – […]

Listen now in order to hear better later

  Q:  My parents seemed practically deaf by the time I graduated college a few years ago. Will this happen to me? A:  First, I hope your parents have a good hearing center helping them with their hearing needs.  Since both of your parents had deep hearing loss at a relatively young age, it was […]

Hearing vs Understanding

Question: My family and I have noticed my hearing getting worse over the past few years. Why can I sometimes hear voices loudly?   Answer:  Indistinct voices and words are a very common symptom of hearing loss.  Depending on the frequencies, pitches, or tones you have trouble hearing, the speech sounds that correspond to those […]