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Behind-the-ear vs. In-the-Ear.

Q: Do I have a choice for the style of hearing aid I wear?  A:  The two styles of hearing aids are behind-the-ear and in-the-ear. With behind-the-ear devices, there are more stylistic options, more power options, and more technical features.  The trade-off is that the smallest in-the-ear aids can fit invisibly deep inside the ear […]

Better, not perfect.

Q: How much better will I hear with hearing aids? A:  Every person responds differently to hearing aids.  Many people are amazed at how well they hear from the moment they first put them on.  Other people can’t even tell the hearing aids are turned on when they first wear them.   Ten people with […]

Do hearing aids make hearing worse?

Q: My Dad says using hearing aids will make his hearing worse – will it?  A:  Some of our new patients express a similar concern.  Will hearing aids over-amplify loud noises and damage their hearing even more?  No, they won’t.  For decades, hearing aids have had loudness limits based on the level of a person’s […]

Hearing aids circa 2023.

Q: What will hearing aids be like in 10 years?  A: By 2023, I think “hearing aids” will be one of the most widely used technical products across all age groups. I see hearing aids and cell phones evolving into one appliance with two distinct parts – the hand-held piece and the ear “bud” pieces. […]

One Ear Good. Two Ears Better!

Q: Can I get by with just one hearing aid?  A: You are alright using only one hearing aid if you only have hearing loss in one ear.  If both of your ears need help hearing better, helping only one ear provides less than half the needed improvement. Your brain takes the two individual signals […]

We can help you afford hearing aids that you need

Q: How can I soften the hit to my wallet when buying hearing aids?  A: Though Medicare does not cover hearing aids, many private and retirement insurance programs provide some coverage for hearing aids. We can find out for you. To make hearing aids more affordable, programs like Care Credit allow patients to have up […]

Golden Rules for Better Hearing

Q: Even with my hearing aids, I still miss some things.  Can you help me? A: Let’s say your ears are clear and clean, and you do not have any congestion or sinus trouble, and your hearing aids are properly programmed to accommodate your loss.  If so, there are a few things you can still […]

Health and Hearing Go Hand-in-hand.

Q: How is my hearing affected by other health issues I have?   A: Many health issues create temporary or permanent changes in your hearing.  Let me mention a few of the most common ones. First, good blood flow.  Issues with blood pressure and blood sugar issues can affect your hearing.  Likewise, allergies and sinus […]

High Fidelity with Easy Maintenance.

Q: I have heard hearing aids are hard to keep working – are they?   A: It’s easy to keep hearing aids working.  Using good batteries and changing them when necessary is simple and straightforward. The wide majority of ‘problems’ our patients call us about are ear wax related.  Ear wax is created in the […]