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Hearing at Home Alone

Q:  Is there any reason to wear my hearing aids when I am home alone?   A:  A common misconception about hearing aids is that you only need to wear them when you are talking with people and need to hear their voices better.  Think of hearing aids as sound therapy for your brain.  Your […]

Adjust to Hearing Again

Q:  My husband, our children, and I have lots of upcoming holiday events in Austin.  Should I hold off getting hearing aids until things settle down?   A:  Hearing better is often easy to delay.  Even though poor hearing is a nuisance, you and people around you have likely adapted to it – for better […]

Aiding without aids

Q:  As a 28 year old, there is no way I going to wear hearing aids.  What else can I do to hear better?  A:  You can do some very non-hearing aid things in order to hear better.  Though I am curious to know why you are not willing to use them. Call me and […]

No need to wait for help

Q:  I am 37 and have noticed trouble with my hearing for a few years. How long can I wait before I need hearing aids? A: No one is too young for hearing aids. The “need” for them can be a very personal decision. Some people are so irritated by even a minor hearing loss […]

Mail-order mayhem

Q:  Are hearing aids shown in National Geographic, The New York Times and the catalog I get in the mail worth ordering? A: Yes, try them. Because as soon as you do, you will better appreciate the need for seeing a professional hearing specialist in person. An order from a catalog does not come with […]

Loaners Matter

Q:  Will loaners be available when my hearing professional mails off my aids for a repair?  A:  The short answer is, “They should be.” A set of loaner hearing aids can be a tremendous relief when your hearing aids need to be mailed back to the manufacturer for a repair.  If your hearing professional does […]

Pianos, Guitars, and Hearing Aids

Q:  How will hearing aids make my guitar and piano playing sound? A:  Hearing aids will certainly change how you play the piano and guitar – for the better.  Think of it this way, if you have a hard time hearing words and conversations clearly, then you are not hearing the music you play as […]

Hearing headache at H-E-B ,

Q: My young grandchildren no longer enjoy going to H-E-B with me because I constantly ask them to repeat what they are saying. How can I hear them better? A: It can be difficult to hear well in a busy grocery store, especially with fast-talking, high-pitched voices like many grandchildren have. Here are some suggestions: […]

Yes a?? the bats squeak.

Q:  Last week my wife and I watched the bats leave from under the Congress Ave. bridge, but she couldn’t hear them.  She even asked, “Don’t bats usually squeak?”  She’s not deaf, so why can’t she hear them?  A:  The squeak bats make is very high pitched.  At the Congress Ave. bridge, there are so […]

Mumbly Book of Mormon

Q:  My hearing aids work great in day-to-day situations.  But during ‘Book of Mormon’ at Bass Concert hall, the voices were very hard for me to hearing clearly.  What can I do?  A:  The acoustics of a concert hall are very unique, especially when you are watching a musical.  If your hearing aids have a […]