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Yes – Selective Hearing is Real

Q: I believe my husband has selective hearing.  Does that mean he ignores some things I say?  A: My apologies to your husband, but “Yes.”, he does ignore some things you say.  To be fair, you ignore some things he says, too.  It might be unintentional because we all have selective hearing.  And that selectivity […]

Sudden Hearing Loss

Q: The hearing in my left ear seems to have completely gone out overnight.  What could cause this?  A:  When sudden and total hearing loss occurs, it is usually in one ear only.  First, you should see an ENT hearing specialist or Otolaryngologist as soon as possible.  The main causes of sudden hearing loss are […]

The “WOW” moments can happen.

Q: If I get hearing aids, will I notice an instant improvement in my hearing?  A:  Anyone who begins to wear hearing aids should have realistic expectations.  Expect to hear better, but do not expect perfect hearing.  Even when wearing the best hearing aids available, you will miss the occasional word among all the other […]

Balancing Technology and Patient Care

Q: My experience with a big name hearing center was rushed and very sales oriented.  What is your patient philosophy?  A:  Being treated warmly like a “patient is very different than being treated coldly like a “prospect”. One phrase I frequently repeat with patients goes something like, “I believe the most important thing you will […]

‘Advanced’ also means easy to use

Q: I am intimidated by technology, but I really need to hear better.  Do you counsel your patients on using hearing aids?  A:  Many of our new patients express a similar concern about managing high-tech devices, from smart phones to iPads.  About 50% of my day involves handling the major technical adjustments for my patients’ […]

Ear Wax is Global.

Q: My son and his family live and work on his dusty farm.  Are he and his family more likely to build up ear wax?  A: The natural shape of our ear canals keeps wind borne dust and debris from getting deep into them.  If the wind is very fast, perhaps during a wind storm […]

Feature Rich and Fancy Free.

Q: If I get hearing aids, will I need to adjust them and re-adjust them in various situations?  A:  For many of our patients, they simply put on their hearing aids and forget about them. Other patients enjoy fine tuning them throughout the day.  Some of the most advanced hearing aid systems adapt and adjust […]

Trouble-Free with Telephones and TV.

Q: Turning up my telephone and television just makes them louder, not clearer.  How can I hear them better?  A:  If the reason you cannot hear phones and TVs well is due to hearing loss, there are a couple of quick solutions to try.  If your telephone has a speaker phone option, try it.  Hearing […]

From Fearing to Hearing.

Q: The idea of wearing hearing aids scares my wife. How can I help her?  A:  Hearing aids can bring up a variety of negative connotations. Old age is a strong one.  Mental instability and big pink ear plugs are others.  And people without hands-on experience may have preconceived idea of hearing aids being hard […]

Behind-the-ear vs. In-the-Ear.

Q: Do I have a choice for the style of hearing aid I wear?  A:  The two styles of hearing aids are behind-the-ear and in-the-ear. With behind-the-ear devices, there are more stylistic options, more power options, and more technical features.  The trade-off is that the smallest in-the-ear aids can fit invisibly deep inside the ear […]