Hearing Health Blog

Buzzing Won’t Go Away

Q. About a month ago, my hearing center adjusted my hearing aids.  Now both aids have an internal buzzing sound, and they both create a lot of feedback.  My hearing center tried to re-adjust the hearing aids, but they still buzz and feedback.  What’s happening?  A:   Wear and tear on hearing aid circuitry can lead […]

Discs and Hearing Up in the Air

Q. Last week my husband and I took our three kids to Zilker Park for some disc golf.  The disc golf courses were fun, but I could barely understand what they were telling me.  Why is that?  A:  Some of the disc golf courses at Zilker are near roads, and can get busy.  Distractions and […]

Ears Open in H-E-B

Q:  Am I losing my mind or my hearing?  In H-E-B last week a good friend had to tap me on the shoulder because I never heard her call my name 6 or 7 times.  A:  It sounds like you might have been paying more attention to the canned vegetables than to people around you.  […]

Dull (Sounding) Classical Music

Q:  Over the past 2-3 years, it is harder for me to hear harpsichords and some other instruments in classical music.  My wife says they are all still there.  Do I need to buy hearing aids A.  First, you need a hearing test.  After that, you will want to listen to some classical music with […]

You get what you pay for

Q: Come on. Why are hearing aids so expensive?  A:  I often ask myself the same question. When I purchase hearing aids for inventory, they can cost over $2,000 each. Features, functionality and costs increase a little each year. Overall, the material and production costs are a fairly small percentage of the retail price. Packaging […]

Hearing worse than a fourth-grader.

Q: I started volunteering in my granddaughter’s fourth-grade Austin area classroom this year. As soon as I enter the room, the noise washes out all the voices. I am embarrassed to keep asking the children and the teacher to repeat themselves, but I so enjoy helping out as much as I can. Could a hearing […]

Hearing, not understanding.

Q: At my physical last week at a local hospital, I was told my hearing was fine. Then why am I having more trouble hearing over the phone, with my family and friends, and the TV? A:  Great question. During most physicals, patients do not receive a complete hearing test. Often the doctor qualifies a […]

Bluetooth for your ears.

Q: One of my Tuesday golfing partners in Austin told me they answer their phone calls directly into their hearing aids. How does that work? A: Today’s advanced hearing aids contain Bluetooth (wireless communication) microchips. They allow you to answer phone calls directly into your hearing aids without taking your phone out of your pocket […]

Walk a mile with his ears.

Q: My wife gets very irritated with what she calls my selective hearing. How can I get her to recognize I simply cannot hear her sometimes? A: Wouldn’t it be great if your wife could hear how she sounds to you? Bring her with you and we will have your wife listen to your hearing […]

Resolve to hear again.

Q:  This is the third year in a row I am making a resolution about my hearing. How do I start?  A: Starting to hear better is easy.  But many folks are stymied about addressing their hearing trouble because of two things. First, they think a hearing appointment is synonymous with buying a hearing aid. […]