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Stay At Home Hearing – Part 1

Q.  As I stay home in south Austin with my family, it has become much more apparent to all of us that I have trouble understanding what they say.  Sometimes it is because they are talking to me from other rooms.  But even when we are in the room together, some words and phrases are […]

Custom Hearing Aids vs. Face Mask

Q.  I am ready to replace my 5-year old hearing aids that fit behind my ear.  They can get pulled loose when I take my facemask off.  Would I be better off getting custom in-the-ear hearing aids to avoid the issue with facemasks? A. Most people notice three downsides when wearing custom hearing aids.  First […]

Hearing Aids Get Waxy

Q.  A friend of mine who has worn hearing aids for a few years says she has to watch out for them becoming blocked with wax.  I am now a likely candidate for hearing aids.  Are some hearing aids better at not becoming blocked with wax? A.  Since hearing aids are in our ear canals, […]

Hearing Through Face Masks – Part 2

Q.  I had trouble understanding people before all of this social distancing and face mask wearing.  Now it is much worse.  How can hearing aids help me understand a person when they have a face mask on? A.  If you have hearing loss, it will be much more difficult for you to understand someone with […]

Hearing Through Face Masks – Part 1

Q.  I had trouble hearing and understanding people before all of this social distancing and face mask wearing.  It is now much worse since the people where I work on Loop 360 wear masks in the office.  What can I do to better understand what people are saying to me and around me? A.  Before […]

Hearing Aids vs. Ear Drops

Q.  For the past 3-4 years I have wondered if hearing aids would help me hear people more easily and more clearly.  The Austin American Statesman had a large ad a couple of weeks ago about ear drops that would restore hearing.  Should I try the drops before trying hearing aids? A.  I also saw […]

Recharge Them or Change Batteries

Q.  During my internet research into hearing aids, it seems like most hearing aid companies make ones that are rechargeable.  They also provide the same model hearing aid that uses batteries which need to be changed once a week or so.  Is one style of hearing aid better than another and are their any differences […]

Missing the News and Conversations

Q.  I’m lost.  When people say ‘virus’ it sounds like ‘dry rust’.  They say ‘wear a mask’ and I hear ‘where’s the flask’.  When I listed to the weather forecast is sounds like gobbledy gook. ‘Thunder storms’ sound more like ‘crumbly corns’.  How could hearing aids help? A.  Chances are you might have some hearing […]

Hearing with both ears, though one is deaf

Q.  I lost the hearing in my right ear 20 years ago when I was in high school.  Hearing better and keeping my current job has become even more important given the economic impact by the virus.  Is there a way a hearing aid might help my right ear? A.  I would recommend two steps […]

Tough Times Need Better Hearing

Q.  My parents are using the corona virus as the latest reason not to address their hearing loss.  With the news on all the time at their house, they get into even more disagreements because they mishear a lot of the news.  How can I get them to finally get some hearing aids? A.  Though […]