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Hearing Aids and Face Masks

Q.  I wear a face mask when I am at work and out running necessary errands like grocery shopping.  Are there better ways to wear a face mask with my hearing aids so the masks’ elastic bands around my ears do not pull off my hearing aids.   A.  As we wear masks more frequently, […]

Hearing Aids Connect to Devices

Q.  While doing my job from home these past few Covid-19 weeks, my colleagues and I conduct more conference calls and video calls than we ever did before.  The hearing problems I had in live meetings are much, much worse in virtual meetings.  Is there a hearing aid that can help me in video and […]

Hearing Health and Well-Being

Q.  My family and I have been staying at home for the past three weeks and my husband’s hearing loss is more and more evident.  He vacillates between irritation and isolation because of his trouble hearing us well.  Plus he needs the TV and radio to be much louder than the rest of us, which […]

TV is Turned up to “Insanity” Level

Q.  Now that we’re spending more time at home due to the virus, it has become undeniably apparent my wife needs the TV volume up much louder than any of the rest of our family.  If she could turn it up to 110, she would.  How would hearing aids help her?   A.  Hearing aids […]

Hearing Aid Care in Restricted Nursing Home

Q.  My mother’s nursing home in Austin has stopped allowing visitors.  How can I ensure her hearing aids are being cleaned and maintained properly over the next few weeks?   A.  Your mother’s nursing home will likely allow you to drop off hearing aid batteries for your Mom.  The staff should be able to check […]

Left Ear Bad. Right Ear Worse.

Q.  The hearing loss in my right is twice as bad as the loss in my left ear.  My hearing center suggested I use two hearing aids.  Is a hearing aid for my left ear really necessary?   A.  If you have a 25% loss in your left ear, and your right ear has twice […]

Louder Aids vs. Clearer Aids

Q.  My 6-year old hearing aids have been ‘tuned up’ a few times over the years.  It has helped some, but I get more feedback.  My hearing center says they can only make my aids louder, but not clearer.  Why is that?   A.  Since your hearing aids have been adjusted a few times over […]

Hearing in St. Edwards’ Lecture Rooms

Q.  The lecture rooms at St. Edwards can be tricky to hear well in.  I got some new hearing aids last summer and find myself constantly adjusting the volume on campus.  Is this normal, or is there a better setting to use during my classes?   A.  Classrooms can present some tricky challenges to hear […]

Houston Hearing Aids in Austin

Q.  I moved from Houston to Austin late last year and have worn hearing aids for over 10 years.  Can any local hearing center help me with my hearing aids?   A.  Just about any hearing center can inspect and clean your hearing aids.  For programming adjustments and unique in-office repair parts, you will be […]

Hearing Aid Service Matters

Q.  I live in South Austin and have needed hearing aids for a few years.  What kind of service and upkeep will they need?   A.  Hearing aids do require some regular service and upkeep – most of which you can do yourself.  The three main items for maintenance are related to power, cleaning, and […]