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Remove a Mask w/o Losing an Aid

Q.  It seems like half the time when I pull off my face mask, I end up pulling off one or both of my hearing aids as well.  I have to wear my hearing aids, so how can I avoid pulling them off with my mask? A.  Most of our patients who wear hearing aids […]

Ultra Power Hearing Aids – Part 2

Q.  I am wearing my third pair of hearing aids and got my first ones about 15 years ago.  At some point will my hearing loss get bad enough that hearing aids stop working for me? A.  Perhaps.  I mentioned last week that a general hearing aid rule is to provide help with a hearing […]

Ultra Power Hearing Aids – Part 1

Q.  I was born with very limited hearing in my right ear.  I am in my late 40’s and for the past 2 to 3 years I have had more trouble hearing with my left ear, my good ear.  If I need a hearing aid for my left ear, could one help my right ear, […]

Teenie Tiny Hearing Aids – Part 2

Q.  I see hearing aids behind people’s ears.  Why wouldn’t everyone wear the teenie tiny hearing aids that completely fit inside the ear canal? A.  There are three main reasons more people do not wear the teenie tiny hearing aids that can fit completely in some people’s ear canals.  In this order, the reasons are: […]

Teenie Tiny Hearing Aids

Q.  Do the teenie tiny hearing aids that the ads say hide in your ears have all the same features as the hearing aids that fit behind your ears? A.  The short answer is “No.”.     I will guess that the features you are referring to are the BlueTooth features in external hearing aids that […]

Old Hearing Aids Still Working

Q.  Would you believe my 15-year old hearing aids still work?  Since they do, is there any reason for me to get new ones? A.  If you still use your 15-year old hearing aids, you must rely on them a great deal to help you hear.  If they were in perfect working order, they would […]

Hearing Aid Frustration

Q.  My husband’s hearing aids are six years old.  He is frustrated with them of late because he has begun to change the volume frequently as he tries to understand us better during a meal, while watching TV, or even when we walk through our East Austin neighborhood.  Is it time for him to get […]

Wife Is Tuning Out

Q. My wife and I have spent a lot more time since March working from home together. Inotice she tunes out a lot of what I say unless I am beside her or in front of her. She will oftenmis-hear what I say, too. She is only 57. Is it time for her to get […]

Using a ‘Third’ Hearing Aid

Q.  Six of my co-workers and I still safely meet on occasion in the building’s largest conference room.  The other week, ‘Paul’ walked to the opposite side of the room and put a device the size of a small key fob on the table.  He announced it was his third hearing aid so he could […]

Using Bluetooth with Hearing Aids

Q.  My new Oticon hearing aids sound wonderful.  I should have gotten some years ago.  When I direct stream a movie on my iPad, a video call on my MacBook Pro, a phone call, music or book on tape from my iPhone into my hearing aids, the signal will alternate back and forth between my […]