“What?!?” and Hearing Aids

Q.  My wife is always asking me “What?!?” because she cannot hear me.  It’s been getting worse over the past couple of years.  Does she need hearing aids? A.  Here is an exercise to try.  First, make sure you are talking with your wife from the same room.  Also make sure the TV, radio or […]

Using One Hearing Aid

Q.  My hearing aids are about 4-years old.  Back in June I think I lost the right one when I was taking off my mask in an H-E-B parking lot.  I haven’t used the left one since then.  Is it okay to wear the left one on its own? A.  There is no danger wearing […]

Hearing Aid Myth (5 of 5)

Q.  I have heard the super expensive hearing aids aren’t really any different than the cheap ones I see in magazines, online, and on TV.  Is that true? A.  There are a multitude of differences between the hearing products available through TV promos, online sites, and magazine ads and the hearing aids provided at on-site […]

Hearing Aid Myth (4 of 5)

Q.  Are the new high-tech, Bluetooth hearing aids too difficult to learn how to use? A.   New technology can be intimidating.  The technology in the new, Bluetooth hearing aids is automatic.  To hear better, you simply wear the hearing aids.   Newer hearing aids will make some adjustments automatically based on the type of sound […]

Custom Hearing Aids vs. Face Mask

Q.  I am ready to replace my 5-year old hearing aids that fit behind my ear.  They can get pulled loose when I take my facemask off.  Would I be better off getting custom in-the-ear hearing aids to avoid the issue with facemasks? A. Most people notice three downsides when wearing custom hearing aids.  First […]

Hearing Through Face Masks – Part 2

Q.  I had trouble understanding people before all of this social distancing and face mask wearing.  Now it is much worse.  How can hearing aids help me understand a person when they have a face mask on? A.  If you have hearing loss, it will be much more difficult for you to understand someone with […]

Hearing Through Face Masks – Part 1

Q.  I had trouble hearing and understanding people before all of this social distancing and face mask wearing.  It is now much worse since the people where I work on Loop 360 wear masks in the office.  What can I do to better understand what people are saying to me and around me? A.  Before […]