One Ear Good. Two Ears Better!

Q: Can I get by with just one hearing aid?  A: You are alright using only one hearing aid if you only have hearing loss in one ear.  If both of your ears need help hearing better, helping only one ear provides less than half the needed improvement. Your brain takes the two individual signals […]

We can help you afford hearing aids that you need

Q: How can I soften the hit to my wallet when buying hearing aids?  A: Though Medicare does not cover hearing aids, many private and retirement insurance programs provide some coverage for hearing aids. We can find out for you. To make hearing aids more affordable, programs like Care Credit allow patients to have up […]

Golden Rules for Better Hearing

Q: Even with my hearing aids, I still miss some things.  Can you help me? A: Let’s say your ears are clear and clean, and you do not have any congestion or sinus trouble, and your hearing aids are properly programmed to accommodate your loss.  If so, there are a few things you can still […]

Health and Hearing Go Hand-in-hand.

Q: How is my hearing affected by other health issues I have?   A: Many health issues create temporary or permanent changes in your hearing.  Let me mention a few of the most common ones. First, good blood flow.  Issues with blood pressure and blood sugar issues can affect your hearing.  Likewise, allergies and sinus […]

High Fidelity with Easy Maintenance.

Q: I have heard hearing aids are hard to keep working – are they?   A: It’s easy to keep hearing aids working.  Using good batteries and changing them when necessary is simple and straightforward. The wide majority of ‘problems’ our patients call us about are ear wax related.  Ear wax is created in the […]

Modern Hearing Aids are Marvels

Q: What has changed recently in hearing aid technology?   A: Today’s hearing aids are really high-tech “systems.” They use a multitude of performance platforms to enhance a person’s hearing experience. High-speed processors use sophisticated acoustic software that can be wirelessly adjusted during a fitting appointment. In the most advanced systems, the right and left […]

Hearing Help vs Harmed Health

Q:  Should I be concerned if I don’t correct my hearing?   A:  Hearing better is in fact healthier for you!  The National Council on Aging conducted a recent study with over 2,300 hearing impaired adults.  By far, the study found that those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report a variety of […]

2nd Life for Hearing Aids.

Q:  What can I do with my Mom’s hearing aids?   A:  Please bring them in.  My practice has a number of ways we can use your Mother’s hearing aids to help others hear better.  First, if we originally fit your mother with her hearing aids, we will program them for another family member.  Second, […]

You’re never too old to hear!

Q:  When is someone too old to hear better?   A:  Age does not matter at all.  The oldest patient I have worked with is 108 years old.  And she counts on her hearing aids to work well and help her hear better every day.  I recall a vivid appointment with a couple in their […]