To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

Q.   My hearing aids are 5 years old and seem to work fine.  How do I know if it is time to get new ones? A.  Hearing aids can certainly continue to work for 5 years or more if they are maintained and cared for.  When it comes to how well your hearing aids work […]

Hearing Test….No Studying Needed

Q.   Yes, I ask people to repeat … a lot.  Yes, I often mishear people.  And yes, every day I nod and smile, though I do not understand what was just said.  But the thought of a hearing test scares me.  What can I do? A.  You are experiencing a very common malady I call […]

Hearing, but not understanding

Q. My family and friends and I have noticed that my hearing has been progressively worse over the past few years. Why can I hear voices loudly enough but still not understand them? It is maddening. A. You are noticing one of the most common symptoms of hearing loss, ‘mumbled’ voices. And yes, it gets […]

Natural Hearing Loss Keeps Happening

Q.   I played the snare drum at McCullum High School in the 90’s.  Now as a music sound engineer, my clients notice I tend over emphasize the 2,500 to 6,000 hertz range.  I guess I have hearing loss in that area.  Will ear plugs and hearing aids keep my hearing loss from getting worse? A.  […]

Good Hearing Needs Encouragemnt

Q.  My Dad’s hearing problems began a few years ago around the time he turned 70.  He’s aware it is getting even worse.  His TV is up to 80 or 90.  And he rarely calls his friends anymore because of trouble hearing on the phone.  With Covid happening, he is kind of a shut-in without […]

Resolution to Hear Better

Q.  It’s time.  My hearing has been getting worse for the past few years.  Trying to hear people with masks on has pushed me over the edge.  What steps should I take to get hearing aids?  Do I have to go to my primary doctor first? A.  In Texas it is not necessary to visit […]

Holiday Hearing in Austin

Q.  I bought some new hearing aids at an Austin-area Walmart last month so I would finally hear the holidays better for the first time in years.  But I hear way too much.  Every day I turn the hearing aids down to the point where they don’t do any good.  Is this normal? A.  Over […]

Water, Sweat, and Hearing Aids

Q.  My hearing has bothered my family and I for a few years.  I’m 54 and enjoy an active, Austin lifestyle.  How well will hearing aids hold up during wet and sweaty activities like swimming, jogging, golf, hiking, and mountain biking? A.  Hearing aids you find at a true hearing center are highly water resistant […]

Austinesque Hearing Aids

Q.  As a working musician in Austin for the past 25+ years, my gigs have taken a toll on my hearing.  I know I need hearing aids because many people I play with tell me I over-play and over-sing.  Will I be able to wear hearing aids when I have a gig? A.  The short […]

Hearing Aids are Custom Programmed

Q.  At Thanksgiving in South Austin, I tried my brother’s hearing aids?  One sounded too low, and the other sounded too loud.  I need hearing aids myself, but not if they sound like that.  Why would they sound so different? A.  Your hearing loss must be different from your brother’s hearing loss.  To him, his […]