Masks vs. Hearing Aids – Pt. 1

Q.  My neighbor and I still wear face masks when we chat.  Even with my hearing aids on, his mask makes it harder for me to understand him. What can I for my hearing aids to work better in this situation? A.  Face masks have a negative impact on how a person’s voice sounds – […]

Mail Order Hearing Aids

Q.  I have seen TV commercials for hearing aids, and my Mom’s Reader’s Digest has an insert ad in it for hearing aids.  Will these types of hearing aids be okay to use? A.  Hearing aids require hands-on customization for them to fit properly and work as well as possible.  Think of them like dental […]

Couple Hearing Differently with HA’s

Q.   My husband and I have worn the same model hearing aids from the same hearing center for about 2 years.  At different times one of us can hear better than the other.  Why is that? A.  More often than not, when both spouses wear hearing aids, one of them has slightly better clarity and […]

Singing Better with Hearing Aids

Q.  My hearing aid provider recently added a ‘Singing’ program to my hearing aids.  The harsh vibration and scratchiness I used to hear when I sing is not there anymore when I use the ‘Singing’ program.  How is that? A.  First, kudos to your hearing aid provider for creating a unique program that works well […]

The Right Age for Hearing Aids

Q.   I know hearing loss is just one more natural process of getting older.  I’m 63.  At what age will I want to consider getting hearing aids? A.  It may sound clichéd, but hearing aids are ageless.  The question to ask yourself is how much will you benefit when you wear hearing aids.  A person […]

Hearing During Cancer Treatments -Pt. 2

Q.   My hearing fluctuates during the hours and days after my chemotherapy treatments.  Changing my hearing aids’ volume either makes them too soft or too loud.  Is there anything else that can be done so I can hear comfortably as I go through the next two months of my treatments? A.   Chemotherapy can have a […]

Hearing During Cancer Treatments- Pt. 1

Q.   My hearing loss was a problem before I began chemo treatments for my cancer.  The chemo has made my hearing even worse.  Should I wait until after my treatments are over to get hearing aids? A.  If you are hampered by your hearing loss, I would recommend you take steps now to hear better.  […]

Hearing Aid is Squealing

Q.   My mother’s 4-year old right hearing aid began squealing slightly three months ago.  Now it squeals all the time.  Can it be fixed? A.  Believe it or not, your mother’s hearing aid may not be the culprit.  Instead, her right ear canal might need to be cleaned.   You described a scenario that occurs […]

Rechargeable Aids and Power Outages

Q.   I have a new pair of rechargeable hearing aids.  I lost power from Feb 15th through the 18th.  Without power in my home, how can I charge my hearing aids? A.  Your rechargeable hearing aids might allow you to remove the rechargeable battery and replace it with a ‘throw away’ air zinc battery.  Ask […]

Hearing Aid Savings

Q.   Are there ways to save money on hearing aids? A.  The short answer is yes.    First, I do not recommend comparatively inexpensive sound amplifiers because they are not specifically programmed for your loss.  These devices are found in certain retail stores and are sold over the counter without a hearing test, without an […]