Hearing Aid Maintenance – PT. 1

Q.  My Dad complains that one of his hearing aids stops working every few months.  He takes it to his hearing center.  Five minutes and $25 later when they bring it back to him in the waiting room, it is working like new.  What is going on? A.  From what you describe, it sounds like […]

Trouble Hearing TV and Phone Calls

Q.  My hearing aids are about 5 years old.  When I got them, hearing phone calls and the TV was fairly good.  Over the past year or two that has become much worse.  Do new hearing aids work better with TV and phones? A.  Yes.  Hearing aid companies usually introduce new hearing aids for three […]

Comparing Hearing Aids

Q.  How can I compare hearing aids to find out which pair will work best for me? A.  Step number one is to find a well-reviewed hearing center and arrange a sit down ‘interview’ to answer your questions.  They will likely tell you there are a few components of the decision-making process for you to […]

Trouble Hearing with Hearing Aids

Q.  My wife tried some hearing aids for a couple of weeks but still struggled when we played bridge with another couple or tried to talk with friends at a happy hour.  Will hearing aids not work for her? A.  Often the ‘first fit’ is not the best fit or final fit for a patient.  […]

How Hearing Aids Differ – Pt. 2

Q.  I bought some high-dollar hearing aids last year in Missouri before moving to South Austin.  I have called around town and cannot find anyone to work on them here.  Why is that? A.  When you say, ‘work on them’, I believe you mean, ‘program them’.  To program a hearing aid, a hearing center needs […]

How Hearing Aids Differ – Pt. 1

Q.  I have been shopping for hearing aids since the beginning of the year.  I have checked out Sam’s, WalMart, CVS, Austin Regional Clinic, some local hearing aid centers, and Costco.  Prices and options vary.  How do you recommend I make a choice for hearing aids? A.  Yes, prices and options will vary widely among […]

Hearing After Retirement

Q.  I retired from the Austin IRS office at the beginning of the year after 33 years.  My husband is after me to get hearing aids, but since I no longer work, are they really necessary? A.  I am reading two things into your question.  First, it sounds like you have been experiencing hearing loss […]

Psychology and Hearing Aids

Q.  Why am I having so much trouble admitting to myself I need to get some hearing aids? A.  Difficulty with hearing creates a lot of negative connotations in the U.S.  And most people do not like to think of themselves in negative ways.   People with hearing trouble are often falsely thought of as […]

Hearing Aid Persuasion

Q.  My best friend has had trouble hearing for over 10 years.  It is slowly changing her personality and demeanor.  How can I convince her to get some hearing aids? A.  It would be helpful to gently and kindly describe to your friend the changes you have witnessed in her demeanor and personality.  When you […]

Masks vs. Hearing Aids – Pt. 2

Q.  It seems like half the time when I pull off my face mask, I end up pulling off one or both of my hearing aids as well.  I have to wear my hearing aids, so how can I avoid pulling them off with my mask? A.  Most of our patients who wear hearing aids […]