Using a ‘Third’ Hearing Aid

Q.  Six of my co-workers and I still safely meet on occasion in the building’s largest conference room.  The other week, ‘Paul’ walked to the opposite side of the room and put a device the size of a small key fob on the table.  He announced it was his third hearing aid so he could […]

Using Bluetooth with Hearing Aids

Q.  My new Oticon hearing aids sound wonderful.  I should have gotten some years ago.  When I direct stream a movie on my iPad, a video call on my MacBook Pro, a phone call, music or book on tape from my iPhone into my hearing aids, the signal will alternate back and forth between my […]

Adding Hearing Aids to Your Routine

Q.  My Dad has some new hearing aids that help him a lot.  However, he might go 3 or 4 days without using them.  He says he forgets to put them on.  How can I encourage him to wear them more? A.  Kudos to your Dad for getting hearing aids and I am glad they […]

Hearing Aids’ Face Masks Settings

Q.  When I step over to my neighbor’s home to chat, we both wear face masks.  Even with my hearing aids on, his mask makes it harder for me to understand him. What can I do to allow my hearing aids to work better in this situation? A.  Yes, face masks have a negative impact […]

Level Out vs. Upgrade vs. Unlevel

Q.  I bought a hearing aid for my ‘bad’ ear 5 years ago.  Now my ‘good’ ear is bad enough to need an aid.  Can I get a matching aid to go with my old one, or do I have to get a new pair? A.  Since both of your ears need help, wearing two […]

Face Masks Cover Up Hearing

Q.  My Austin-based Heating and AC business has continued to provide service throughout the pandemic.  Our customers wear face masks in their homes and offices when we are on site.  I have a lot more trouble understanding what they say than I used to. Can hearing aids help me hear my customers more clearly? A.  […]

Hearing Aids and Online Meetings

Q.  My husband and I are in our 60’s. During online social meetings with friends, family and colleagues, we miss even more of what they say than when we used to meet up with them in person.  How would hearing aids help us? A.   Meeting with people in noisy restaurants, bars, homes, conference rooms, or […]

One Hearing Aid or Two

Q.  I had a hearing test in Austin almost two years ago.  My right ear had some hearing loss, but my left ear was double that.  Will I be okay if I only get one hearing aid for my left ear? A.   When you have hearing loss, wearing one hearing aid is typically better than […]

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Q.  Do they make good rechargeable hearing aids? A.  Short answer, yes.   The issues with some rechargeable hearing aids are not what you would think.  Most people are concerned about how well the rec   Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin.  We are making appointments for new patients on a selective […]

Stay at Home Hearing, Part 2

Q.  Working from home these past three months, my days are filled with online video meetings and calls with clients and colleagues.  I cannot use the extra external speaker on my laptop because my husband and children are home.  When I use headphones, the volume needs to be loud for me to understand people well […]