Austinesque Hearing Aids

Q.  As a working musician in Austin for the past 25+ years, my gigs have taken a toll on my hearing.  I know I need hearing aids because many people I play with tell me I over-play and over-sing.  Will I be able to wear hearing aids when I have a gig?

A.  The short answer is yes.

  When you wear hearing aids that are properly programmed for your loss, they will mostly enhance the softer, more subtle parts of speech and music that your natural hearing does not detect well.  Louder, easier to hear sounds are often not enhanced at all.

  When you wear well fitted hearing aids, you will hear your own voice much more distinctly and not feel the need to over-sing.  Likewise, when you hear what you play with more clarity and distinction, you will not feel the need to over-play.

  If you are aware of not hearing well when you play and sing, you likely notice not hearing as well as you would like to at home and in social situations.  This means you will benefit by having specific settings in your hearing aids for gigs and for typical, everyday environments.  Changing settings is made easy with an app on your phone, or by using the buttons on the hearing aids.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for a thorough, well explained ear and hearing exam.  You will also listen to new hearing aids at your appointment.  We then provide 4-week hearing aid trials with follow-up appointments so our patients can fully test new hearing aids before they make a final purchase.