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We provide care and service to unique groups in Austin and underserved communities outside the U.S. 

You Can Help Others Hear Better

Donations are accepted rather than office fees to support our charitable efforts. Patient donations are used to pay for equipment and direct expenses only.  Our time is also donated.

  • We provide our services and free hearing aids for qualified individuals / patients at:
    • The Texas School for the Deaf
    • The Salvation Army Residential Interdiction Center in South Austin
    • Austin SafePlace
    • The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM)
  • We provide free on-call support to numerous South Austin rehabilitation centers, retirements homes, and assistive living centers.
  • We provide ear check-ups, ear cleaning, and clinical training in underserved communities outside the U.S.
    • For one week in June 2015 I worked with the Salvation Army in Havana, Cuba. At three senior homes, I screened and cleaned ears while instructing a local doctor and two nurses. I donated two sets of equipment to the Salvation Army in Havana to use for years to come.
    • In July 2014 I provided one week of care to 815 (mostly students) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in two Salvation Army schools. Trained a local health clinic technician and left two sets of inspection and cleaning equipment.
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    • In July 2013 I provided four days of care to 350 (mostly students) in Chintsa, South Africa in three schools, one orphanage, and a Community Clinic.
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