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Santa Might Need Hearing Aids

Q.  Our grandchildren in Austin love when my husband and I hand them their ‘Santa’ presents.   Over the past couple of years, my Santa’s hearing has declined noticeably.  He will ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ year-round when he doesn’t know-know-know what one of the grandkids just said.  Is it time for Mrs. Claus to get some hearing aids for him?

A.  Has your Santa come to terms with his hearing’s lack of clarity?  He needs to be the one to make the decision to access his hearing loss – and a good, thorough hearing test and a hearing aid demonstration are the first steps.  An appointment does not mean he must get hearing aids.  It means he recognizes there is an issue and wants to know more about it. Plus, he does not need to go all the way to the North Pole for good hearing healthcare. 

    Kind, positive encouragement from you and your family can go a long way to help your husband realize he is missing out – and that he is being missed as well.  Once he hears better, his ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ might be more enlightened and conversational.

    We recommend our new patients bring a familiar voice with them to their first appointment.  A spouse, close friend, or adult child is welcome.  We use the familiar voice(s) to access how much clearer the hearing aids will help the patient hear.