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Resolution for Less Frustration and Anxiety

Q.  My frustration and anxiety levels have been growing the past 3-4 years.  I’m more and more certain it has to do with not hearing people well at work or my family.  Plus, they get irritated at me.  And I’m becoming more and more sensitive about it.  Can hearing aids really reduce my frustration and anxiety and their irritation?


A.  The quick answer is, “Yes, probably.”

  Anxiety and frustration is a very common symptom of a decline in the quality of communication with people around us.  When you begin to lose more and more of your natural hearing, your brain has a harder and harder time figuring out what people say.

  Your brain creates some of its own short cuts when this happens.  You might start interrupting people because it’s hard to understand what they are saying.  You might ignore people more. 

  Your brain plays a guessing game when a word or phrase is unclear.  For example, you might think someone asked if you have seen their other shoes, but in fact they asked if you have some orange juice.  So you might misinterpret what they say and respond incorrectly to them.

  Before your anxiety and frustration grows any further, schedule a hearing test.  Get some good information about your level of hearing.  If you need them, listen to some hearing aids during your appointment.  You might find your anxiety and frustration replaced by confidence and relaxation.