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  Q:  My parents seemed practically deaf by the time I graduated college a few years ago. Will this happen to me? A:  First, I hope your parents have a good hearing center helping them with their hearing needs.  Since both of your parents had deep hearing loss at a relatively young age, it was likely caused by situational and

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Q:  Can hearing loss be stopped or reversed? A: Ah ha, you are asking two questions here. 1) Can the impact of hearing loss be stopped orreversed?, and 2) Can the natural rate of hearing loss be stopped or reversed?  I’m going to cheat a little and say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.   On the ‘no’ side, I am sorry to say

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Question: My family and I have noticed my hearing getting worse over the past few years. Why can I sometimes hear voices loudly?   Answer:  Indistinct voices and words are a very common symptom of hearing loss.  Depending on the frequencies, pitches, or tones you have trouble hearing, the speech sounds that correspond to those frequencies, pitches, or tones are

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