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Odd Beeps from the Hearing Aids

Q.  My hearing aids play beeps at odd times when I have them on.  It might happen once a week, or a few times a day.  Why does this happen?

A.  The beeps you hear could occur because of a rare outside source, or because of something happening inside your hearing aids.

  It is rare for an external source to affect your hearing aids and cause them to play a beep or two.  Some newer cars have a radio style transmitter that communicates between the air bags and the car’s computer.  In certain situations, some hearing aids in some of those cars will register a beep or an odd sound because of that.

  Another rare occurrence happens between some of the newer street lights and some models of newer hearing aids.  The newer street lights equipped with Bluetooth connectivity can cause a beep or two to happen when some models of hearing aids are in very close proximity.  But it is rare.

  Most beeps you hear at odd times are happening when the two hearing aids send information back and forth to each other.  If they disconnect and reconnect to each other you might hear a beep or two at odd times.  If the aids are trying to tell you they need service for some reason, you might hear a series of beeps at regular intervals.  Contact your hearing center for more specific information.