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Left Ear Bad. Right Ear Worse.

Q.  The hearing loss in my right is twice as bad as the loss in my left ear.  My hearing center suggested I use two hearing aids.  Is a hearing aid for my left ear really necessary?


A.  If you have a 25% loss in your left ear, and your right ear has twice as much loss (50%), your brain will benefit more when it receives better detail and information with hearing aids from both ears.

  When the difference between ears is as much as yours, your better ear, the left ear, probably feels like it hears at a normal level.  Your left ear feels so good because your right ear has twice as much loss and feels very muffled by comparison.  But both ears need help.

  When you listen to hearing aids, you can always use your phone or manual button to mute and unmute the left hearing aid to find out how much it helps you when talking to someone, watching TV, in a store on an errand, in a meeting, etc. You may well be surprised how much clarity and ease the left hearing aid actually provides.  If it t help enough, you can return it to your hearing center within 30 days and keep using the right hearing aid.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for a thorough appointment.  Listen to the newest hearing aids after your hearing test.  Find out if a left hearing aid helps you or not. We provide coaching and adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial so patients can fully test out hearing aids before making a purchase