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Hearing Christmas Whispers

Q.  When we see our troop of grandchildren at Christmas, two of them love to share wishes and secrets with my wife in a whispery voice.  In the past two years she has heard less and less of what they try to share with her.  She is anxious about what she will miss this year.  Can hearing aids help with whispers?


A.  Based on what you have described, it is highly likely your wife would hear your grandchildren’s soft whispers much better if she wore good hearing aids.

  Hearing aids are specifically designed to detect and enhance softer parts of speech more than louder parts of speech. When a soft whisper is nearby, the aids will instantly analyze it and boost its subtle details based on your wife’s hearing loss.  Your wife should notice much more clarity and detail as well as some added volume.

  Hearing aids will enhance all speech around your wife the same way, not just whispers.  She will hear you better, the TV and radio, friends, etc.  The next step for you and your wife is to arrange a thorough hearing test and listen to hearing aids that are fit to her ears and programmed for her needs. Then she can enjoy those whispers and secrets again.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center at 512-282-4327 to schedule a thorough hearing test and hearing aid demonstration.  Join your wife at her appointment.  We will have you whisper to her while she has hearing aids on to find out how well she hears you. We also provide month-long trials to fully test new hearing aids.