2nd Life for Hearing Aids.

Q:  What can I do with my Mom’s hearing aids?


A:  Please bring them in.  My practice has a number of ways we can use your Mother’s hearing aids to help others hear better.  First, if we originally fit your mother with her hearing aids, we will program them for another family member. 

Second, we have a hearing aid program for students at the Texas School for the Deaf.  We typically purchase new, warrantied hearing aids for TSD students.  We can also give TSD used hearing aids.

Third, my practice has a program for gently used hearing aids to be given to working parents of school-aged children.  To qualify, the parents must fit the parameters of the program’s guidelines. 

Last, we often use parts from older hearing aids to provide free repairs on other hearing aids. We do not charge for any hearing aid repairs done on site.

Call us at 282-4327 to arrange a complimentary ear check-up, hearing test, and hearing aid demonstration.  Please bring us your old hearing aids.  We will use them to help other people hear better.