21st century hearing aids are simply amazing!


Q: What is on the leading edge in hearing aid technology?


A: Leading-edge technology in hearing aids involves three main components: 1) wireless communication, 2) two ears processing as one; and 3) up-to-date care.

The newest hearing aids are really hearing systems. Each aid receives a constant flow of information from the other aid. Key benefits are hearing voices much better in noisy places and hearing soft voices and sounds more clearly. The personalized, co-processed sound the newest systems pass to the wearer is clearer, more distinct, and more complete than ever before.

The newest systems also let you take phone calls right in both hearing aids; you hear the caller very clearly.  A TV signal can also be transmitted directly into the hearing aids for a comfortable and clear theater-like surround sound experience, even when the volume on the TV is turned down.

Hands-on care in a modern, orderly, clean and professional office makes a big difference. New equipment and software helps you achieve more from your hearing aids and provider. Visit our office and experience what our patients describe as “Modern enough to be leading edge and small enough to provide leading care.”